Three Zoom Events on Saturdays in February 2022

  • 12 February 2022 – S for… Safe, Speedy, Successful Social Media with Annmarie Miles, ACW Publicity and Social Media Officer
  • 19 February 2022 – Joy Comes in the Morning: Poetry Open Mic Day Hosted By ACW TRELLIS group
  • 26 February 2022 – WWW. making the Web Work for Writers introduced by Matt McChlery.

All three events begin at 10am and run until lunchtime.   All three events then resume at 2pm and continue for another couple of hours.

Saturday 12 February.   Now Closed for Bookings

S for… Safe, Speedy, Successful Social Media with Annmarie Miles

Annmarie is from Ireland, living in South Wales. She loves to write, read, cook, run (slowly) and sing. She has been a fan of the internet since the mid ‘90s, when an American friend set her up with an email address. She even found her husband on the internet in 1999. She loves social media and believes it can be a powerful tool for communication, connection and marketing. At the moment she is working towards a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification in social media with an Oxford-based company. Annmarie is using all she is learning as ACW’s Publicity and Social Media Officer, as well as managing a number of other social media accounts.

Earlier this year she started Sunflower Tech. This venture was specifically set up to help tech-shy people to get to grips with social media and smart connectivity. Her work includes everything from advising on new laptop purchases, practising with individuals as they learn how to use Zoom, getting disobedient printers to come to heel, to teaching how to use new smart phones and tablets.

Annmarie will:

  • Address concerns that can put people off social media, and allay some fears of those who are nervous about the internet and social media.
  • Share the differences between six of the main social media platforms.
  • Introduce two or three of these platforms, which are often used by writers, to demonstrate benefits of using them, and what kind of audience is targeted.
  • Give an opportunity to ask questions (even the most basic).
  • Offer a discount to all who sign up for this event for support services from Sunflower Tech.

Saturday 19 February  Now Closed for Bookings

Joy Comes in the Morning (from Psalm 30 – the theme for the ‘poetry open mic event’ – ‘pome’)

Following the success of the first ACW poetry open mic event (pome) last year, we are arranging another one. This is an ACW event but the ACW TRELLIS poetry group, which meets monthly online led by Sarah Sansbury, will be hosting. TRELLIS member Rosalie Weller will act as compere.  TRELLIS members are planning to introduce various forms of poetry and you will learn more on the day. However, anyone may take part, with any style of poem, in this sense the event is open. Book a slot to read your poem before the end of January by emailing – whether or not you are not a member of the TRELLIS group. Your email address and the title of your poem will be passed on to Rosalie and the Zoom host for the day. Please book your place in the audience in good time too.

Please note that any member of ACW may attend this event for free, whether reading a poem or being in the audience. Non-members are always welcome but will be asked for the £5 fee for entry, even if they are members of the TRELLIS group.

Saturday 26 February

WWW. making the Web Work for Writers

In the middle of one of last year’s successful Zoom events a message came to me in the chat box from Matt McChlery:

  • People are asking a lot of questions about marketing their work online. Why don’t we have an event about that?
  • Good idea. Who could we get to do that?
  • I would do it!

Matt McChlery will be introducing the morning, thinking about the purposes of having your own website. He will talk about using a website for promoting your writing.

Sheila Robinson (aka SC Skillman) will share her journey when setting up her own YouTube channel, including some pitfalls to avoid.

David Sims, “the Tik Tok vicar”, will follow with an introduction to Tik Tok as a marketing tool, illustrated by some fun examples.

In the afternoon Andy Chamberlain and novelist Ruth Leigh will discuss podcasts and blog tours respectively, with a practical demonstration of how these things could work for you.

As ever, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions of those who have been there and done that successfully, as well as sharing your own experience to help others, plus we will leave some social time just to chat at the end of the sessions.

Each event will last for around four hours, starting in the morning at 1000h with the second part in the afternoon, and adequate refreshment breaks. Book your place through the forms on the events page of the ACW website. Bookings close the Thursday evening before each Saturday event, so don’t leave it until the last minute!

Booking and Payment

There is no charge for a place on any of these events for anyone who has paid an ACW subscription for 2021-2022, but it helps ACW to stage future events if you are able to make a voluntary donation for your place – suggested amount is £5 per Saturday, although any donation is welcome. Those who have not joined ACW are also welcome to attend but will be charged a fixed fee of £5 per participant per Saturday. Details of how to make your payment will appear below shortly. Details for members’ donations will also be included in the email which confirms your place at the event.

See you there?

Jane Brocklehurst

ACW Events Manager

You’re welcome to join Association of Christian Writers… now… quickly, to take advantage of free entry to Zoom events.  Visit Membership page.

S for… Safe, Speedy, Successful Social Media (Saturday, 12 February 2022) has now taken place.

Joy Comes in the Morning: Poetry Open Mic Day (Saturday, 19 February) has now taken place.

WWW. making the Web Work for Writers (Saturday, 26 February 2022) has now taken place.