Join Association of Christian Writers

A warm welcome to all new members of the Association of Christian Writers.  This is what you need to do to join:

Step 1: EVERYBODY please complete the pale blue and white form (Association of Christian Writers: Membership Application Form).

Step 2:  You also need to pay your membership subscription.  You can do this in one of four ways:

EITHER, if you are paying your subscription by debit card or credit card, please complete and submit the pale yellow form (Pay ACW Membership Fee by Debit Card or Credit Card).
OR, if you are paying your subscription by direct debit, please follow the instructions on the orange panel (Paying ACW Membership Fee by Direct Debit).
OR, if you are paying your subscription by cheque, by UK bank transfer or by international bank transfer, please follow instructions on the pale blue form about contacting the Membership Secretary at .

Step 3:  If you are able to Gift Aid your subscription, please download and complete the  Gift Aid Declaration Form and email it to the membership secretary.

Step 4:  When you have done all this, please (Everybody!) email the membership secretary to let him/her know which payment method you have used.

Please note that we ask all members to make a declaration of faith.

Renewing Your Subscription

If you paid last year using your debit or credit card, by cheque or by bank transfer, you will need to renew your subscription 12 months after you paid your last subscription.

Please use pale yellow form below to renew your subscription.  Your name and email address (as on the form) will be enough to identify you.

I understand that, by selecting the Submit Application Form button below,  I confirm that I share the vision of ACW and affirm the central truths of the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible, in particular God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

ACW Membership Application Form

Age (If you are under 18, please contact Membership Secretary at

Payment. Please indicate below how you intend to pay for your membership. No enrolment may take place without this information

* IMPORTANT.  Please don’t forget to include your pen-name (if you use one).  As an ACW member, you are entitled to have your books, website or blog displayed on the ACW website.  However, if we don’t recognise your pen-name,  we cannot accept them.

How Much Will It Cost?

Pay by debit or credit card, by cheque or by UK bank transfers.  (Your subscription will need to be renewed annually.)

£29 (UK Annual Individual and Joint Membership)

Pay by annual direct debit (from UK bank account only) £26 (UK Individual and Joint Membership)
Pay by quarterly direct debit (from UK bank account only) £28 (4 x £7.00) (UK Individual and Joint Membership)
All Overseas members (all methods of payment) £34 (Overseas Annual Individual and Joint Membership)

The ACW collects data only for the purposes of administering your ACW membership.  This will include the posting of our quarterly magazine, Christian Writer, and emailing ACW’s electronic newsletter.  Under no circumstances do we permit any outside agency to have access to our database. You have a right to request to see the data we hold on you. This request should be made in writing and is known as a Subject Access Request.  ACW promises NOT to use your personal information inappropriately. Emails you could expect to receive from ACW include, but are not exclusive to, confirmation of membership and renewal of membership.

Pay ACW Membership Subscription by Debit Card or Credit Card (For UK and Overseas members)

If you are paying by Debit Card or Credit Card to make a new application to join ACW, you need to submit this form and the blue form above. If are using your Debit Card or Credit Card to renew your membership, please complete and submit this form only.

Type of ACW Membership

Useful Information

Membership Secretary’s Email

Paying ACW Membership Fee by Direct Debit

ACW now accepts Direct Debit payments for membership fees through Go Cardless, an online service provider. To be able to use it, you need an email address and a UK bank account.

Please click the manual link (at the bottom of this column).  This will take you to a two page form which you need to fill in to get on to the system. You have to complete Page 1 before you can see Page 2. Page 1 should look like this.

Page 1 is where you fill in your name, address etc. Page 2 is where you fill in your account number, sort code, and name of bank.

Please click to send this back to Go Cardless. They will then put you on the system. You will get an email from them confirming the Association of Christian Writers would like authorisation to take payment from you. You will be notified before Association of Christian Writers collects any future payments from you.

Once you are on the Go Cardless system, the Membership Secretary at ACW will then set you up with a subscription plan. This is where the date of your payment, the amount, and the type of Direct Debit you have (annual or quarterly) are set up. You will get a second email from Go Cardless to confirm all of this.

If you are happy, then there is nothing else to be done and your Direct Debit is set up. If you have any queries, do get back to the Membership Secretary at ASAP because subscription plans can be changed if, say, a date is wrong or if you’ve been put on a quarterly plan instead of an annual one etc.

Please note though that nothing can be done to set up your Direct Debit until you fill in the two page form you get to on clicking the manual invite.

It would be very helpful if you could email the Membership Secretary to let them know once you have completed the manual invite. Doing that will help speed up enrolments for a new member or updating the database to show a new method of payment if you’re an existing member seeking to change payment method.