Invasion of the MIMICS by Brendan Conboy

A dystopian sci-fi; based around climate change and an alien invasion.  Humanity is defeated, civilization lost, all hope has gone. Enlightenment is the new belief, but there are those that refuse to believe. There is an alternative and Gideon knows it.

The Gifts by Cathy Hemsley

A fantasy novel with powerful themes of exploitation and prejudice, The Gifts explores the destructive impact that the greed and thoughtlessness of privileged people can have on others, and on their own future. In a world divided into the rich and the oppressed, where every plan fails, and evil seems all-powerful, can the struggles of despised, ungifted outsiders make any difference?

Murder Planet by Adam Carpenter

The crew of space freighter Tulyar engage in a prison break to pay the bills. They travel to a deadly jungle planet full of poisonous plants and drop bears. Where they discover just what the owners will do to cover up their activities.

Generation Ship by Adam Carpenter

About the book: A ship launched from Earth five centuries ago has turned up in the Helvetios system. It is not in the Generation Ship database. The crew of Tulyar are going to find out exactly why.

Pelagia – Between the Stars and the Abyss, by Steve Holloway

Former special forces agent turned particle physicist Ben Holden is on the run. Those seeking him will stop at nothing to get their hands on Ben’s biometrics, which have the potential to unleash chaos and advance their cause. It is the year 2066 and Ben finds sanctuary among the sea settlers of the South Pacific Pelagic Territory, but his respite is short-lived…

The Piano Teacher by David Pennant

How the piano teacher’s performance of a Rachmaninov’s C Sharp Minor Prelude in an alien spaceship saves the universe from the invading machines.

The Garden of the Galaxy by David Pennant

George the policeman achieves his lifetime’s ambition of getting onto the earth’s surface, even if it is only for rehab at a retreat house in Antarctica.

Turning The Clock Hands Backwards by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

A great story for lovers of the unexpected twists in the tale, fantasy, suspense and romance! A fascinating read that will leave you unable to drop the book till finished!

Kicking Tree

The Kicking Tree by Trevor Stubbs

The Kicking Tree tells the story of two young people in their late teens, living in different parts of the universe, who meet each other through mysterious white gates that connect their different worlds. 

Ultimate Justice by Trevor Stubbs

Want to be free to expand your horizons – even beyond those you can imagine? “Ultimate Justice” continues the story of Jack and Jalli and their white gates adventures begun in “The Kicking Tree”.
Winds and Wonders

Winds and Wonders by Trevor Stubbs

Winds and Wonders is the third book in the ‘White Gates Adventures’ series. Teenage Abby runs into trouble when she comes up against authoritarian forces in school, as well as in the churches she attends.