Knowing Me, Knowing You, AHA!

Writers’ Weekend, Scargill House – 26-28 April 2024

Complete this Booking Request Form (‘The Blue Form’) first, so we can find out whether a suitable room is available for you at Scargill House for this event.  Do not attempt to make any payments until you have heard back from ACW.

And, please read the Terms and Conditions of Booking and the Things To Know Before You Visit on the main Knowing Me, Knowing You, AHA!  page before completing this form.

Booking Request Form

I have read the terms and conditions on the main page for 'Knowing Me, Knowing You, AHA!'

After you have clicked the Submit button, you should see the following message:

If you do not see this message, scroll to the top of the form to check that you haven’t omitted to infill some of the boxes.  For example, the person below has forgotten to check an option in the dietary needs box and to type some text in the food allergies box.  (If you don’t have food allergies, by the way, just type NONE.)

Please check an option or type something in every box.