Knowing Me, Knowing You, AHA!

Reflections on a wonderful weekend (26-28 April), led by Adrian and Bridget Plass, at Scargill House, Wharfedale, Yorkshire.

Thank you to Jane Brocklehurst, Adrian and Bridget Plass and the team at Scargill house for putting together a truly wonderful writers’ retreat. As someone who has never been to Scargill House before, my expectations were high, based on the fact that this weekend always sells out within two weeks of the bookings going live. Although there were a few first-timers, like me, most guests were here for the second, third or even 13th year in a row! It did not take me long to see why.

Before you even arrive, the Yorkshire Dales welcome you with open arms and aspects. The staff at Scargill House embrace you with perfect hospitality and the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and completely free of any expectation. You can write, pray, walk, sit, chat or none of those things. The weekend is yours to explore, enjoy and connect as much as you need or want to.

Adrian and Bridget were wonderful hosts. They managed to deliver their talks as if we were sitting in their lounge having a conversation and it was the most natural thing in the world to weave in a limerick or reading at any point.

A highlight for me was listening to the writing of others, inspired by the themes of “Hall of Mirrors” and “Walking into a room full of people.” I’m not much of a poet but even I was inspired to fill a few pages of would-be poetry after listening to the beauty and honesty of so many others.

 Our own Vice-Chair, Annmarie, gave us an evening of stand-up comedy over a hot-chocolate and she was so honest that I knew God was speaking through her to move and touch the lives of everyone in the room. Such bravery! It was a safe space, an inspiring place and a beautiful setting.

We will book another weekend at Scargill with Adrian and Bridget and will announce the dates both here and in ACW’s member eNews.

Joanne Gilchrist
Events Manager