Daniel: Being Distinctive in Uncertain Times by Michael T Gowen

This first book published by Michael Gowen takes us through the first three chapters of the book of Daniel. He shows how we can retain our distinctiveness as Christians and enjoy God’s protection in uncertain times where there is hostility to our faith. And he encourages us to have the expectation that we can dialogue with God and deepen our relationship with him through meditating on the Bible.

Christian Thoughts for Every Day of the Year by Nathan Haddock

The Christian journey is tough, there is no doubt about it; each one of us could use a little encouragement and inspiration from time to time. Written over many decades, these inspirational thoughts have already encouraged thousands of people around the world from all walks of life through Nathan’s blogs. Here are thoughts to meditate upon, mull over and let sink into your heart. 

Refresh: A Wellness Devotional for the Whole Christian Life by Jo Acharya

With images by Dan Acharya.  A gentle companion for the Christian journey. Through short, weekly devotionals and thoughtful questions, you’ll discover what God has to say about how to live a healthy life. It is a flexible way to slow down, reflect and spend time with God.

Creation to the Crib by David Sims

A family advent resource that will help people come together to explore more of God’s word through a series of 25 advent reflections tracing the Christmas story all the way from – you’ve guessed it – the creation of the world through to the crib in Bethlehem.

Every Day Insights: Disappointment and Loss by Claire Musters

We all experience loss and disappointment at times, and in a variety of different ways. These readings bring insight and encouragement to help you find new strength and take heart in God’s message of hope and love.

Grace-Filled Marriage by Steve and Claire Musters

Marriage is a wonderful expression of love, yet it can also sometimes cause us pain. With biblical teaching, practical application and stories from many couples, we take an honest look at marriage. Wherever you are on your own marriage journey, and whether it is healthy or in need of help, Grace-Filled Marriage gives encouragement that God has a new portion of grace and mercy for you each day.

Wheat in the Winepress by Bob Hext

Many Christians feel that the spiritual battle in Heavenly Places is hotting up, and that while the world is teetering on the brink of chaos, Jesus is building an army that will demonstrate the mighty power of the cross and bring many to salvation. Wheat in the Winepress walks in the footsteps of Gideon as God leads him and his 300 warriors into the place of victory.

Strive and Thrive with the Psalms by Pam Pointer

Do the 150 Psalms of the Bible have any relevance for us in the twenty-first century?

Into the Heart of Advent by Penelope Wilcock

Penelope Wilcock invites you to listen in on twenty-five conversations she’s had with Jesus, as they walk the streets of Hastings, about the Christian journey and the meaning of Advent. They delve into many areas: children and families, gifts and graces, angels, homes, homelessness and hospitality – and more besides. Get ready to be surprised and challenged, as you hear Jesus’ own take on the original Christmas and what it means for our world twenty centuries later. 

The Gospels in Harmony by Martin Wild

The Gospels in Harmony weaves all 4 Gospels into a single poetic journey of of 113 poems. Complete with comprehensive bi-directional cross indexing. A poetic revelation of the life of Christ. Paperbacks £8.99 via inc free p&p or Amazon

The Advent Calendar Recipe Book by Karen Ette

From Stir-up Sunday to Epiphany The Advent Calendar Recipe Book is packed with colour photographs, daily readings, Christmas facts and seasonal recipes.

On Clouds of Words by Karen Ette

Each month of this perpetual diary and calendar has a seasonal colour photograph and poem, and it will last forever.

Redeeming Advent by Lucy Rycroft

A 24-day Advent devotional for busy people, based in the gritty reality of an everyday December. £7.95

30 days with Mary

Emily Owen 30 Days with Mary

A devotional based on Mary’s diary entries. This is a gentle, thirty-day look at Mary’s diary, with thought-provoking points, prayers and questions for the reader.


Emily Owen 30 Days with Elijah

A devotional based on Elijah’s diary entries. This is a thirty-day look at Elijah’s diary, with thought-provoking points, prayers and questions for the reader. We are encouraged to look at Christ and life from Elijah’s perspective and so ask questions of ourselves.

30 Days with John

Emily Owen 30 Days with John

A 30-day look at John’s diary. With thought provoking points, prayers and questions for the reader, we are encouraged to look at Christ and life from his friend John’s perspective and so question ourselves.

Insight into Burnout by Claire Musters and Chris Ledger

This book gives insights into the roots and nature of burnout, and looks at how to overcome it, using real life illustrations as well as insight and examples from Scripture.

Insight into Self-acceptance by Claire Musters and Chris Ledger

Drawing on biblical wisdom and professional expertise, Insight into Self-Acceptance, by Chris Ledger and Claire Musters, is packed with case studies, practical insights and scriptural guidelines into how we can learn to accept ourselves as God does. 

Cover to cover: David A man after God’s own heart by Claire Musters

David was the boy who defeated Goliath, the king who ruled the Israelites, the writer of at least some of the psalms, a musician, a warrior, a man who faced temptation (and failed) but was also called a man after God’s own heart. How was he all of these things, and what does it mean for us?

Cover to cover: Ezekiel A prophet for all times by Claire Musters

Ezekiel was a priest called by God to deliver His messages to the Jewish people who were in exile in Babylon. God had not given up on His people and through Ezekiel, God still had plenty to say to them.The book of Ezekiel contains intriguing imagery including the famous vision of the valley of bones. A challenging study of an oft-neglecting but fascinating book of the Bible

Cover to cover: 1,2&3 John Walking in the truth by Claire Musters

In this seven-week study guide, join Claire Musters and explore these letters, which clearly and purposefully shed light on the truth of Jesus and salvation in Him. Addressed to a people who were bombarded with false teaching, we too can apply these words to our lives in today’s society, where truth can often be blurred or disregarded.

Insight Into Managing Conflict by Chris Ledger and Clare Musters

Packed with case studies, practical insights and scriptural guidelines, this book looks at how we can manage conflict in our lives in a healthier way.

30 days with Esther

Emily Owen 30 Days with Esther

A thirty day devotional look at ‘Esther’s diary’ with thought provoking points, prayers and questions to help explore this much-loved story in a new way. What must it have been like to be Esther, transformed from an orphaned Jew in exile to Queen of Persia?

30 Days with David

Emily Owen 30 Days with David

A thirty day devotional look at ‘David’s diary’ with thought provoking points, prayers and questions to help explore this much-loved story in a new way. How do you suppose David felt being plucked from the obscurity of caring for sheep to becoming the King of Israel?

Keren Dibbens-Wyatt Whale Song

Whale Song: Choosing Life with Jonah is an exploration of the depths of despair, and how we rise from them. Part Bible study, part personal reflection, Whale Song is profound, compassionate and ultimately hopeful about life and its many struggles.

Keren Dibbens-Wyatt Garden of God's Heart

A book of 365 meditations inspired by the wonders of the humble English garden, accompanied by black and white photographs throughout, this is a treasure trove of a devotional that you will come back to again and again. Foreword by Jen Rees Larcombe.

Exodus by Claire Musters

Throughout seven weeks, follow the journey of the Israelites as they leave the bondage of slavery in Egypt behind, and head towards the freedom God has promised them. Discover how this incredible deliverance plan, executed thousands of years ago, foreshadowed God’s rescue mission for the whole of the human race, and His epic story of salvation. Icebreakers, Bible readings, personal application and discussion nstarters make this a rich resource for group or individual study. ISBN: 978-1-78951-272-4

Gospel Voices by Caroline Greville

Collection of 36 well-researched short stories, set in and around the life of Jesus.