ONE GOD – many names by Brendan Conboy

When we meditate on the many names of God, something powerful can happen to us. When we find out what some of these names mean they can have a transformational impact on our lives.  Be encouraged by Brendan’s stories, thoughts and reflections.

The Bunch by Peculiar Medinus (With Other Contributors)

Discover the infinite power of love, joy, peace, and more with The Bunch: An anthology on the fruit of the Spirit. This remarkable work is designed to transport readers into a world where these divine attributes become tangible realities, helping them overcome even situations in which they feel overwhelmed by turmoil.

Expecting God to Speak to You by Tracy Williamson

Tracy Williamson helps us to learn to ‘tune in’ to God’s voice in a variety of circumstances and gives much practical advice on how to hear God better. Readers will be amazed at how God can speak into all areas of their lives.

Letting God Speak Through You

Letting God Speak Through You by Tracy Williamson

An ideal companion to Tracy’s first book, Expecting God To Speak To You! this book deals with the subject of hearing God in order to speak encouragment and life to others. ‘A very practical and inspiring book.’ Marilyn Baker

Beyond Belief by Dr Kwabena Kusi-Appiah

The Miraculous Healing of a Sinning Community will enable you to understand the grace and mercy of God. It will reveal the operation of Divine wisdom in your life. The author how the Lord God used ordinary people to bring redemption to a sinning community.

Why Ween Halloween? by Peculiar Medinus

“The world seems to have lost the original intent of Halloween, but Christians have the responsibility to change it from a time of horror to a time of demonstrating the victory of Jesus over evil.” Christians should be conscious that the devil has the expertise to twist the things of God into instruments of ungodliness.