A Great Deal of Ingenuity by Ruth Leigh

The pages of Pride & Prejudice sparkle with household names. Proud Darcy and prejudiced Elizabeth, book-loving Mr Bennet, the snobbish Bingley sisters, predatory Mr Wickham and oily Mr Collins. But what about the people cooking, mending, flirting, walking and socialising in the background? In this collection of short stories, we meet some of the minor characters and see what’s going on at Rosings, Hunsford, Pemberley and Meryton in a whole new way.

Alpha Male by Sheila Donald

Playboy Journalist, Craig Wilson discovers stunning blonde, Amy Castleton at the church while covering the Alpha Course there for the local paper. But he struggles to reconcile her faith with his lifestyle choices. Then tragedy intervenes.

Their Journey from Earth to Heaven by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

This is a very enjoyable and fantastic story of Alade and Bridget in their journey of marital life from courtship to their last breath. A story that explores family, children, in laws, love, conflicts in relationships and the concept of forgiveness, humility, respect and obedience in a Christian relationship and marriage.

The Confession by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

What happens when a wife confesses to a Catholic priest in private but the husband gets to know? Find out! A thrilling read dripping with suspense, romance and intrigue. A battle between the flesh and spirit that will keep you riveted!