Wings of Faith by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

Are you looking for lyrics or the spoken word that will carry you right into the heart of the Father or lift you into the realms of hope and faith? Wings of Faith will fly you high where you need to be!

Elegies, Dirges and Notes by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

Sophia’s poems are faith based, informing her reflections on life in general. This collection has been inspired by the death of her sister in law, Elizabeth Adebayo.

From the Womb by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

Poetry about people, their lives, family and experiences which will resonate with you or create a comfort zone for you.

Poetry Matters by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

One Hundred plus poems from Africa, Europe and the UK show, through a variety of poems ranging from humanity, to faith, dirges, eco poetry and life, that poetry does matter a great deal in our world today. Poetry is not just for aesthetic purposes but a tool for communication, inclusion, therapy, hope, awareness and a voice reaching out to all. Enjoy!

The Little Book of Unexpected Poetry by Ruth Leigh

From failed holiday romances to musings on gluten-free salad to a love affair with a background of paint chart colours, this selection of odes is a mix of the expected and the left field in a celebration of life. Each poem has background notes and is suitable both for poetry devotees and for those who do not generally read in this genre.

Echoes of Eco by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

These poems show the impact of human activities and experiences on every form of life in the natural world. The poems bring your awareness, empathy and reflection like a light to the right path.

Shambolic Mammal by Jude Simpson

Some of Jude Simpson’s most popular poems and songs, brought together for the first time in this collection and exquisitely illustrated by some of her favourite artists. Complete with out-takes, personal reflections, ruminative footnotes and performance advice, this little treat will bring a smile to the face of word-lovers and apple-eaters everywhere.

Divine Loves by David Arkell

A medley of lyric musings sprinkled with snippets from the Good Book. This many-hued collection of poems invites us on a journey to a place of peace, a place of praise and awe, a place of trust in the God who knows and loves us.  To purchase email davidharkell@yahoo.co.uk.  All proceeds are going to the Bible Society.

Open Secrets by Pamela Ferguson

Pamela’s second collection of poems explores nature, the arts, biblical narrative and personal experience to uncover grace-filled depths. “This is a book to read and re-read because these captivating poems keep on giving.” (Joy Alexander, former English & Education Lecturer)

Poetry from the Heart by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

Poetry from the Heart is a collection of heart-warming, delightful and inspiring collection of poems that show the unique relationship between God and us, His children. Some of the poems also praise and bless the works of the Creator’s hands on Earth. The poems tell us that God is our Papa and we should draw close to Him and feel free with Him.

Chameleon and Other Poems by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

Chameleon and other poems are life poems from the 20th century. They are a daring variety of heart felt poems covering a wide range of themes on family, romance, nature, religion, protest, politics, human nature and gender. They are poems that look inwardly, reflect and appreciate all aspects of life.

Sophia's Covid Poetry by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

This collection of insightful ‘Covid Poems’ were written during the Corona Pandemic of 2020. They express the positive and negative aspects as well as experiences of covid from the viewpoints and perspectives of parents, grandparents, teachers, couples, young adults and children.

Driftwood by Starlight by Caroline Gill

‘The beautifully-crafted poems in Caroline Gill’s debut full-length collection more than live up to the appeal of its Cornish cove cover and title. With elegance and finesse, she masters a range of traditional forms, all of which beg to be read aloud so their musicality can be fully relished.’  —Susan Richardson author of Words the Turtle Taught Me (Cinnamon Press, 2018), shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award

Waiting for the Dawn by Maggie Shaw

Poetry from the depths to the light.
A collection of poems written over the years, from Maggie’s time as a teenage run-away in London, her transformation through the power of God and the 12-step program of recovery, to the present. With commentaries and illustrations.

Breaking Free by Sharon Rayner

Is a collection of poems exploring the connection between feelings and Christian faith inspired by God. These verses are inspirational and can be used for personal reflection, they will help you think about your own emotions and how to handle them day by day. With the illustrations they are a powerful tool.

From Shore to Shore, Life in God’s Global Kingdom, Reflections in Poetry and Prose by Pamela Ferguson

Twelve short collections of poetry, including a Lenten meditation, each accompanied by a prose reflection on the people, places or events surrounding the poems. The writer draws from her experience of mission on three continents, cross-cultural adoption, challenges of autism, as well as her love of nature and art. (‘A feast of a book’ – Faith Forster.)

Rhyme Time by Brendan Conboy

We are all on a journey, travelling through life, in a short span of time.  We are all on a journey, with all kinds of strife, rest now in words of rhyme. Poems inspired by God.

Gathered Together Under His Wing by Nathan Haddock

Christian Poems to draw you into God’s Presence.  Nathan’s poetry has inspired and encouraged Christians across the world for decades. His accessible writing style helps people relate and engage as he writes about the things of God. Invaluable in helping you draw nearer to God, this collection will certainly inspire you in your Christian life.

Hope in Dark Places by David Grieve

Poems about Depression and Christian Faith, written as a sufferer over a 30 year period. Christians sometimes have a harder struggle with Depression because of their faith. No easy answers are offered, only Christ. Published by Sacristy Press.

Love in Thin Places by David Grieve

The author has for several decades been a volunteer Chaplain at Durham Cathedral, the Shrine of St Cuthbert and the resting place of the Venerable Bede. Many people find it to be a Thin Place – where the Lord and his love may seem especially near. These poems reflect that and also deal with other aspects of faith.

Inbetween Lands by Ann Phillips

A collection of poems written during 2017 exploring a range of experiences and encounters. ‘Ann shows a sure poetic touch. Her poems hang out banners between daily life and eternity.’ – John Payne.

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