Wife of the Wind by Kate Nicholas

Eleri lives in a world of cold blues and greys and the sea and the howling wind her only companions and longs for something more. When she pleads with the wind to carry her away, he takes her on a magical journey to faraway lands, and gives a life of colour and difficult choices. Written for her children when Kate was diagnosed with cancer, Wife of the Wind is an enchanting tale for readers of all ages that explores the themes of longing and loss.

George's Diary by David Pennant

Policeman George is in a terrible place. Will he make it through?

The Piano Teacher by David Tennant

Bruce Winter the piano teacher who has visions unexpectedly saves the universe! Best Christian novel 2005 from the Christian Broadcasting Council.

The Inventor's Folly by David Pennant

Anti-gravity and almost unlimited energy bring even more sweeping changes to society. Sequel to The Piano Teacher.

The Investigator's Choice by David Pennant

Crazed monks attempt to open the bottomless pit from the book of Revelation with their advanced technology. Concludes the Piano Teacher series.

The Captive's Crown by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

Biblical fantasy fiction, the story of the lady who used her hair to wipe her tears from Lord Jesus’s feet in the New Testament of the Bible.

Legacy of the Mimics by Brendan Conboy

Sequel to Invasion of the Mimics
24-year-old Ashia had eventually found happiness, though at a very high cost.  Then she heard a familiar voice inside her mind telling her to look beyond, to seek her destiny as ‘Shison’ – beyond the void.

When That Time Comes by David Pennant

When the world’s computers stop working following an intense solar flare, what can a simple neighbourhood watch co-ordinator do for his community?

The Centauri Survivors by Andrew Chamberlain

Book 1 in the Centauri Sequence  When a habitable planet is discovered just four light-years from Earth, governments and private corporations rush to build a ship to take the first humans there. But only six of the colonists wake up from cryosleep after the sixty-year journey, and as their ship comes into orbit around the new planet, they find themselves surrounded by death.

Urban Angel by Andrew Chamberlain

Book 1 in the Masters Series.  One day the church will be made perfect, but for now she bears the scars of war. Alex Masters knows all about that war. Daisy is a child of the social media generation, lost in every belief and none. They come together, believer and unbeliever, hunted by an enemy that will to do whatever it takes to achieve its goal. Alone they would be defenceless, but this is not a struggle against flesh and blood, and not every weapon is visible.

Cain’s Redemption by Andrew Chamberlain

Book 2 in the Masters Series   Winning the battle is not the same as winning the war. Alex Masters is pursuing her dreams and cousin Daisy has overcome her demons, but their enemy is desperate to atone for his mistakes. But even as the enemy’s plans unfold, so does the potential for love. Tested and challenged, this love may yet grow to fulfil its destiny, but first it must survive, and for that to happen there must be redemption.

The Empress’s Lover by Paul Trembling

A lie that will destroy an Empire. A forbidden love which can save it.  For centuries, the First Order have held power over the mighty Eskarin Empire through the use of their Gifts. In this time of crisis, the Empress Anatarna falls in love with a man of the Second Order. It seems like an act of madness that will destroy her authority and precipitate the Empire’s slide into chaos. But Thylan An’Darsio possesses a secret that may yet save them all. 

The Hidden Libraries by Paul Trembling.

The great Eskarin Empire is on the brink of chaos.  The power of the Gifts has enabled the First Order to rule for centuries – but the Gifts are failing, and bloody rebellion is brewing.  One man has a solution.  He knows the truth about the Gifts.  A hidden truth, long suppressed: revealing it may be the Empire’s only hope.  But the Wraith is in jail, awaiting the Baron.

The City by Cathy Hemsley

When the Hued people lose their gifts, the despised and oppressed Talthen rise up to form a Liberation Army to invade and loot the vulnerable city of Hueron.
Ezera Metrice, appalled by the cruelty of the City Guard, has left the city to join a group of renegade Hueds, although her lover, Jarial Sheldman is determined to stay behind the perceived security of the city walls.

The Vision and Beyond by Maggie Shaw

Who is the captive, released after nearly three years in a foreign jail? What happened to her homeland while she was away? This supernatural Christian Mystic quest novel explores the themes of guilt, healing and identity in a fast-paced story set against a tense post-Cold War world.

A Woodland Tale: Concerning How National Parks Came to Be by Joseph C Posner

Do you love God and our world? Are you captivated by fantasy and intrigued by the earth’s many wondrous creatures and places? Do you care for national parks? Buy my book and I guarantee you will experience a unique tale, which craft-fully blends the three.

Murder Planet by Adam Carpenter

The crew of space freighter Tulyar engage in a prison break to pay the bills. They travel to a deadly jungle planet full of poisonous plants and drop bears. Where they discover just what the owners will do to cover up their activities.

Invasion of the MIMICS by Brendan Conboy

A dystopian sci-fi; based around climate change and an alien invasion.  Humanity is defeated, civilization lost, all hope has gone. Enlightenment is the new belief, but there are those that refuse to believe. There is an alternative and Gideon knows it.

The Eagle and the Butterfly by Maggie Shaw

A butterfly must venture into hell to rescue the beloved Lady of the High Castle and stop the forces of evil from destroying the earth. This allegorical quest novel is steeped in the Bible, folklore and North European myths and legends. The book includes two versions: the original deeply allegorical story, and a sensitively adapted version for children.

Generation Ship by Adam Carpenter

About the book: A ship launched from Earth five centuries ago has turned up in the Helvetios system. It is not in the Generation Ship database. The crew of Tulyar are going to find out exactly why.

The Piano Teacher by David Pennant

How the piano teacher’s performance of a Rachmaninov’s C Sharp Minor Prelude in an alien spaceship saves the universe from the invading machines.

The Garden of the Galaxy by David Pennant

George the policeman achieves his lifetime’s ambition of getting onto the earth’s surface, even if it is only for rehab at a retreat house in Antarctica.

Kicking Tree

The Kicking Tree by Trevor Stubbs

The Kicking Tree tells the story of two young people in their late teens, living in different parts of the universe, who meet each other through mysterious white gates that connect their different worlds. 

Ultimate Justice by Trevor Stubbs

Want to be free to expand your horizons – even beyond those you can imagine? “Ultimate Justice” continues the story of Jack and Jalli and their white gates adventures begun in “The Kicking Tree”.
Winds and Wonders

Winds and Wonders by Trevor Stubbs

Winds and Wonders is the third book in the ‘White Gates Adventures’ series. Teenage Abby runs into trouble when she comes up against authoritarian forces in school, as well as in the churches she attends.