Hebrews by Sotirios Christou

Jesus our Great High Priest – Discipleship, Suffering and Glory

Sotirios Christou offers us a meticulous study of Hebrews and in particular its treatment of Christ, our great High Priest.’  He draws out the continuing significance of Hebrews’ distinctive and dominant presentation of Christ as our great high priest, for understanding what has been accomplished for believers and for providing a reassuring resource for living.

You the Jury. Evidence for the Turin Shroud. By Robert Dawson

Written as if a lawyer is explaining to a jury, the evidence to prove that the Shroud of Turin is, indeed, Jesus’s authentic first century death Shroud. Using modern forensic science, the image shows implications for the Resurrection, evidence of the crown of thorns, the massive flogging, the spear in the side.

The Riddle of One Samuel by David Pennant

A study of fifty proposed wordplays in the Hebrew text of this book.

God Speaks Through Nature by Bisi Oladipupo

Did you know that nature conveys spiritual realities to us? According to Scripture, we can have great spiritual insights from nature. This book will expose spiritual realities that can be learnt from natural things around us.

The Importance of Spiritual Discernment by Bisi Oladipupo

About importance of spiritual discernment, hindrances to spiritual discernment, and how to increase our capacity for this crucial factor in life.

41 Insights From the Book of Revelation by Bisi Oladipupo

Did you know that the Book of Revelation contains so much beautiful and glorious content about the person of Jesus Christ, His passion for people, and the description of heaven that it will ignite every believer and bring the sinner to the feet of Jesus?  You will be greatly blessed as you read this book. It will give you some insights into the last book of the Bible—the Book of Revelation.

The Priorities of Jesus by David Pennant

Where is the church that batters down the gate of hell (Matt 16:18)? And whatever happened to the commands of Jesus (Matt 28:20)?

When the Rabbis Cry by John Stevens

For the Hope of Israel I am Bound with This Chain – St Paul.

Result of research into the Yemeni Jews and wider issues surrounding God’s purpose with Israel as revealed in the Old and New Testaments. Considers the history of the Jews and of Israel as a nation after Jesus’ time and explores how we should view the regathering of the Jews to the modern State of Israel from a biblical perspective. A story within a story, of an Israel within Israel, where God is at work in our day.

Jesus Life and Times by Steve Maltz

This is a modern reworking of the classic book by Alfred Edersheim, The Life & Times of Jesus the Messiah, said to be the definitive book on the subject. Understanding our Messiah from a unique Jewish perspective.

Living Cross

The Living Cross by Amy Boucher Pye

As we move from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day, daily reflections and prayers help us to experience the living power of the cross of Christ through biblical and modern-day stories of wrongdoing and forgiveness. 

God in the Lab by Ruth M. Bancewicz

For Dr Ruth Bancewicz, experiencing scientific research first hand brings a sense of awe that enhances faith. She has encountered many others who have similar stories. This book distils that experience, and explores the common ground between science and faith.

Test of Faith by Ruth M. Bancewicz

Spiritual Journey’s with Scientists. In this book ten respected scientists share their life stories and their refl ections on science and faith. The stories that they tell help us to see that when it comes to answering some of ‘life’s big questions’ we do well to listen for the insights from both science and faith.