Crime & Mystery Fiction

'From Whom No Secrets Are Hidden' by Tim Buckley

A Christian Crime Fiction Novel (A D.S. Adam Pennycome Mystery Book 1)  

A dead heroin addict leads to the discovery of a potential drugs ring.  As DS Adam Pennycome starts to investigate, he receives news of an unexpected legacy from a great-uncle he never really knew.

The Gemini Connection by Julie Hamstead

The Gemini Connection follows the intertwining lives of Dr Evie Longshaw and MI5 operatives Jackson Bridges and Harry Rivers. Set against a geopolitical landscape, the plot combines humour and pathos.

The Migrant by Paul Alkazraji

With the help of two incompatible friends, Mehmed, a reformed ex-criminal, and Luan, a secret service agent, Pastor Jude searches for a missing member of his church in Athens as anti-austerity riots explode there. Can they locate him and bring him back home to his family?

Daisy and the Deadly Dagger by Janey Clarke

Daisy Dunwoody and her rescue cat Cleo retire to a cottage on Bodmin Moor. But her new simple life becomes complicated when she finds a body in her cottage. Murderous mayhem, Knights Templar fanatics, and Daisy’s long hidden family secrets begin to unravel, causing Daisy to change her timid nature to save herself and her newfound friends.

Watching You Fall by Kirsty A Wilmott

Anna is the vicar of the tiny parish at the Lizard. When the wife of the local architect is found dead in the churchyard, she and her parishioners have to face the fact that they may be living with a murderer and that they don’t really know each other at all. The first in the Anna Maybury Murder Mysteries.

Falling Tide by Kirsty A Wilmott

The Revd Anna and her parishioners run retreats for those in need of time out, on the heart-stoppingly beautiful Lizard peninsula. Four people arrive, whose lives begin to unravel when a body is found, draped over the old lifeboat ramp. Anna, Simeon, Archie and Harriet have to overcome their own anxieties to walk with them, until Anna is able to work out what really happened. Book 2 of the Anna Maybury Mysteries.

Diviner’s Nemesis I - Avenger by Maggie Shaw

A story of revenge set amid occultism and the paranormal in 1970s London. When Liz marries Alec, she becomes his pawn as he tries to bring his enemy Keast to justice. Actor Andrew Ferry’s death leads her to the dangerous world of P.S.I. and the demonic powers at its heart. Will Liz destroy the evil there before it destroys her? The unfolding story explores prescience, faith, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption as it explores the clash of two male egos through the experiences of the woman they sacrifice to their rivalry.

Diviner's Nemesis II - Retribution by Maggie Shaw

This story of retribution is set in a world of occultism and the paranormal in 1970s London. The thriller explores prescience, faith, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption as it explores the clash of two male egos through the experiences of the woman they sacrifice to their rivalry. The theme behind this book and its prequel is to warn the reader of the danger of following occult practices, the scriptural reasons why we should turn from them, and the powerful forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ when we truly repent our past and live as redeemed people.

The Last Thursday Ritual in Little Piddlington by Maggie Shaw

Susy longs for a wedding ring. Freddie says only if the Thursday Ritual finally ends. Can Susy stop the mayhem to become the new lady of Lodge Castle?
This absurdist comedy of errors set in a remote English village in 1983 will have you laughing all the way to the Post Office. Chuckle at the antics of characters like the publican who does John Wayne impressions, the WI ladies who try to fly a helicopter using a Teach Yourself book, and the disaffected housekeeper who leads the vicar into sin – not that he takes much leading.

A Very Private Grave by Donna Fletcher Crow

Monastery Murders Book 1. Ancient buried treasure, a brutally murdered monk, and lurking murderers. What chance do a young American woman and an other-worldly priest have of solving the mystery? Join Felicity and Antony as their quest for truth becomes an itinerary of terror across a holy terrain

A Darkly Hidden Truth by Donna Fletcher Crow

Monastery Murders 2. Lent and Easter in a monastery—a sacred, set-aside time—until a valuable icon goes missing. And Felicity’s impossible mother appears unexpectedly. And a good friend turns up murdered…
A clerical mystery in the classic English detective style.

An Unholy Communion by Donna Fletcher Crow

Monastery Mysteries 3. The body plummeted from the tower, rolled down the hillside and landed at Felicity’s feet. So much for her plans for a quiet summer holiday. Sinister phenomenon increase as Felicity and Antony guide a youthwalk along an ancient holy route in Wales and a quiet pilgrimage across the land of saints and legends becomes a life-and-death struggle between good and evil.

An All-Consuming by Donna Fletcher Crow

Monastery Mysteries 5. Christmastide in the Monastery. Antony is narrating a film series on the English Mystics, and–drum roll– Felicity and Antony are getting married. If only Felicity can keep her mother from staging a Royal Wedding–and if she can escape the insidious murderer stalking the Yorkshire moors.

A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary by Donna Fletcher Crow

Monastery Mysteries 4. Oxford’s muffled bells toll another death. Can Felicity prevent the next one? Oxford’s rich history comes alive as Felicity, translating an ancient document, and Antony, leading a group of ordinands, confront the murderer stalking the hallowed shrines.

Against All Fierce Hostility by Donna Fletcher Crow

Monastery Mysteries 6. The Monastery Murders moves to Canada when Antony is invited to lecture on the British saints who inspired the founding of Toronto and Felicity couriers an ancient manuscript connected with Saint Patrick to monasteries in Montreal and Vancouver. A spectacular train journey across the breadth of the continent carries them even further away from the murder Felicity witnessed in England. Or does it?

A Whisper by Michael Limmer

Who is trying to destroy Barclay Clements’ fragile wife Nicky? The mysterious figure from her past, or someone closer to home? Someone they look upon as a friend?

Poppy Denby Investigates series by Fiona Veitch Smith

It’s 1920 and Poppy Denby gets a job on a London tabloid and starts investigating the death of a Suffragette seven years earlier. The Jazz Files, the first in the popular ‘Golden Age’ style mystery series, was shortlisted for the prestigious CWA Historical Dagger. Other books include The Kill Fee, The Death Beat, The Cairo Brief and The Art Fiasco. Paperback & ebook (Lion Fiction); large print & audiobook (W.F. Howes).

Killer’s Countdown by Wendy H. Jones

Dead Women. A Ruthless Killer. A Detective with something to prove. Newly promoted Detective Inspector Shona McKenzie struggles to cope with her new job, the respect of her colleagues, and the need to solve the hardest case of her life. Will she succeed?
Killers Craft

Killer’s Craft by Wendy H. Jones

A blizzard of murders in snowbound Dundee! Dead bodies proliferate. Nuns, prostitutes, and a henpecked husband! Is anyone safe? DI Shona McKenzie investigates multiple murders, unsure how many killers she is seeking. Will she succeed before the death toll mounts?

Killer’s Cross by Wendy H. Jones

Bodies with crosses carved on their chests! All left outside Dundee Churches! All members of the religious community! DI Shona McKenzie has to find the common factor linking the deaths, and catch the killer before he strikes again. Is her latest case as simple as it seems?

Killer’s Cut by Wendy H. Jones

DI Shona McKenzie is catapulted into a deadly game of human jigsaw. Only the jigsaw killer knows how many pieces there are and where they are hidden. The chase is on to catch them before another individual is dragged into this horrific game. Who will win?
Killers Crew

Killer’s Crew by Wendy H. Jones

A man found hanging by the neck until dead A ship with a historic past A killer with a deadly personal quest DI Shona McKenzie is anticipating a peaceful Scottish summer when a hanging thrusts her into the midst of a fatal chase. 

Killer’s Crypt by Wendy H. Jones

Where better to dump a dead body than in a crypt? As the body count rises faster than the soaring temperatures, DI Shona McKenzie is hurtled into the midst of another deadly case. But this killer is always one step ahead of the law. Why? The revelation will shock them to the core.

Antiques and Alibis by Wendy H. Jones

Cass Claymore, a red headed, motorbike riding, ex-ballerina inherits a Detective Agency, and accidently employs an ex-con dwarf and an octogenarian. Join her as she follows a trail littered with missing antique teddies, hapless crooks, a misplaced Lord of the Realm and dead bodies. Will Cass, and Scotland, survive?

The Jazz Files by Fiona Veitch Smith

Cub reporter Poppy Denby investigates the death of a Suffragette in 1920s London. The first in the Poppy Denby Investigates series. A historical mystery, shortlisted for the CWA Historical Dagger 2016.

Killer Cruise by Dawn Brookes

A Body in the Water. A plethora of suspects. Crew aboard the fictional Coral Queen find themselves stretched to the limit by the antics of a Queen tribute act, a troublesome stag party and a group of excitable female cheerleaders.

Mystical Circles by SC Skillman

When freelance journalist Juliet learns that her sister Zoe has fallen for the charismatic leader of a mystical cult in the Cotswolds, she sets off to investigate, and to rescue Zoe. She is unprepared for what her investigations will uncover.


A Cruise to Murder by Dawn Brookes

A ruthless hitman, an elderly woman in danger. All that stands between them is an off-duty police woman with a broken heart and a cruise ship nurse. Can cruise ship sleuth, Rachel Prince overcome her grief and unravel  this murder mystery?

The Silencer by Paul Alkazraji

A Christian thriller that vividly evokes the Balkans and the situation of its churches. A ‘lone wolf’ sets out across the Balkans for a strike on a foreign target…

A Passionate Spirit by SC Skillman

It’s three years later, and Zoe has started afresh with her new husband in the same Cotswold manor house. Nightmares about a young girl running for her life disturb Zoe and she finds herself confronted by frightening paranormal forces.

Deadly Cruise by Dawn Brookes

Just when you thought it was safe to cruise again. A dead body, a Russian tour party and tension in the medical centre – Rachel must solve another murder mystery during a dangerous transatlantic crossing!


Dying to Cruise by Dawn Brookes

The only thing worse than getting stuck on board a cruise ship with a murderer, is discovering your ex is on board. A ruthless killer is intent on revenge.


Murderous Cruise by Dawn Brookes

Rachel Prince joins the Coral Queen for the holiday of a lifetime accompanied by her parents and her octogenarian friend, Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe.
The company is shocked when a nun who is part of an exclusive religious party collapses and dies. First thoughts suggest natural causes and Rachel’s best friend – cruise ship nurse – is keen to believe this is the case if it means keeping Rachel out of trouble. Rachel is not convinced and believes the death is suspicious, particularly when her father shares the nun’s dying words.