The Kalonga: An African Love Story by Marion Turnbull

An allegorical love story of the gospel. The author lived for some years in a village in the African rainforest in the 1980s, so the detail is authentic for that time (before conveniences like electricity reached the villages).

Family Found: Maria of South Sudan Book Three by Letitia Mason

Maria and Manny, torn from their families during the Sudan conflict in the 1990’s, have returned to South Sudan, the world’s newest country. When his closest friend is taken by the security forces, Manny seeks comfort in destructive ways. Maria needs all her faith and determination to help her husband rescue his friend, assist his sister in rescuing a slave boy, and discover what happened to the rest of his family.

Isabella Smugge series - Ruth Leigh

The Diary of Isabella M Smugge:  Meet Isabella Smugge, Instagram influencer, consummate show-off and endearingly self-unaware. Newly arrived in the country, Isabella is ready to bring a dash of glamour to the school gate and gain a whole new set of followers – although getting past the instant coffee, terrible hair and own-brand sausage rolls may be a challenge. But country life doesn’t work out as our heroine expects…
The Trials of Isabella M Smugge:  Life in the country isn’t as Issy Smugge planned it, but the woman ‘Gorgeous Home’ magazine once called ‘Britain’s Most Relatable Mum Designer’ is nothing if not resilient! With an unexpected baby on the way, a poisonous gossip columnist on her case and an apparently uncaring mother, her hands are full. As she confronts bizarre church sub-culture and rethinks her life, is true happiness be just a few hashtags away?
The Continued Times of Isabella M Smugge:  Issy Smugge is up against it. A single parent of four with an award-winning brand, a gin-swigging mother convalescing upstairs and a distraught relative looking for support, her diary and listed Regency home are bursting at the seams. As pressure mounts, long-buried memories surface and difficult decisions need to be made.

Turning the Clock Hands Backwards or Anthem by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

A contemporary inspirational story that empowers women to be courageous and make their dreams come true. Vivian is bold and takes opportunities that come her way. She is a modern woman and never afraid to explore relationships to achieve her goals.

The Robe by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

A thought provoking story that encourages reflection. Brian is every man or woman put into a tight situation imposed by culture and religion. Brian’s story encourages critical thinking when we look at when life happens: consideration or conflict

Living the Difference by Richard Frost

Second book in the Eastwood Story series and beginning on the same weekend as Richard’s previous novella, Looking to Move On ended. We encounter some familiar characters and meet new ones as each live with the differences and changes that life brings. Another story of hope overcoming adversity.

The Peace Garden

A young British girl befriends a South African political exile in the 1990s and is thrust into danger when his dark past catches up with him. A literary coming-of-age thriller.



Cuckoo in the Nest by Fran Hill

It’s the heatwave summer of 1976 and 14-year-old would be poet Jackie Chadwick is newly fostered by the Walls. She desperately needs stability, but their insecure, jealous teenage daughter isn’t happy about the cuckoo in the nest and sets about ousting her.

Funny and poignant, Cuckoo in the Nest is inspired by Fran Hill’s own experience of being fostered. A glorious coming of age story set in the summer of 1976.

Raincoats and Sunglasses

In Glasgow’s autumnal sunshine Raincoats & Sunglasses are everywhere. Join Kirsty, Jennifer and Paul as their lives intertwine around faith and Raincoats & Sunglasses.

To Belong by Judy Pex

In this contemporary story of hope and compassion, an Israeli woman named Tamar is fiercely loyal to family, friends, and faith. When she finds herself fostering two Sudanese refugee children, she faces opposition from the authorities, her family, and begins asking herself what is best for them.

A Question of Loyalty by Gillian Poucher

The story of what happens when professional counsellor Julia Butler offers a home to her newly discovered troubled niece Grace.  Julia finds her relationships under strain as Grace’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and she tries to handle a manipulative client in her counselling practice.  This novel touches upon complex relationships and mental health problems, with the intention of opening up a spiritual dimension.

After the Funeral by Gillian Poucher

When a stranger approaches Julia Butler at her mother’s funeral and hints at a disturbing family secret, her life is turned upside down.  Who is this woman and how does she know so much about Julia’s life?  As Julia finds her well-ordered life unravelling and her relationships in turmoil, she learns how a war-time love affair left a damaging legacy for three generations of women.

Home Truths with Lady Grey by Katherine Blessan

‘Home Truths with Lady Grey’ is an evocative, moving story about the power of friendship to unlock new ways of seeing life and self.  ‘My world is narrowing, constricting down to the thin end of a funnel.’ When normally capable, career-minded Jennifer crumbles under a debilitating disease, she struggles with no longer being in control of her life.

Braver by Deborah Jenkins

Braver is a story of unlikely friendships and a local church community. Hazel, an anxious teaching assistant, Virginia, a minister, and Harry, a neglected teenager are shocked when an accusation threatens to destroy their relationships. Published in the mainstream market, with themes around mental health and identity, the book explores what happens when people fight their fears and pull together to help each other.

Looking to Move On by Richard Frost

A contemporary story of loss & love. The title reflects the message of the book which is one of hope over adversity and that moving on, rebuilding life, is always possible..

A Map of the Sky by Claire Wong

Eleven year old Kit finds his family separated and uprooted to the North Yorkshire coast. In his quest to become a hero like the ones in his favourite books, he forms an unlikely friendship with guest house owner Beth, and learns a great deal about chronic illness, hand-drawn maps and family secrets into the bargain.

Lydia's Song by Katherine Blessan

Lydia’s quiet expat life in Cambodia is dramatically turned upside down by the sudden arrival of Song, a young & vulnerable Vietnamese girl, and the flattering romantic attentions of a handsome, dashing local man. Just as she settles into this new-found happiness, everything is shattered as Song is kidnapped and sold into the child sex trade.

Baby, Baby by Mari Howard

First in the Mullins Family Saga: thoughtful, funny, exploring our diverse culture through the relationship between two young people who meet at University, doubt they can be together, and try to solve a medical mystery. Set in the late 1980s, the story asks questions about both Christian and secular lifestyles.

The Runaway by Claire Wong

The story of Rhiannon Morgan, a teenager who runs away from home, and the rural Welsh community she leaves behind. Locals have given up hope of finding her again, until two strangers appear and turn the quiet village upside down. It’s a coming of age story immersed in folklore and the power of storytelling to change us.

Time to Shine by Mel Menzies

1st in the series, is the story of a young woman seeking counselling for her abusive marriage. Based on my own experience of learning via David Coffey that we are all meant to shine, it also quotes Nelson Mandela’s take on shining God’s light.

Chosen by Mel Menzies

2nd in the Evie Adams series, Evie’s latest client, a dashing American, seeks counselling questioning his legitimacy and whether adoption amounts to being cheated, or chosen.

The Painful Post Mortem by Mel Menzies

Explores the perennial parental lament: “Where did I go wrong?” in respect of the death of a wayward child. It resulted in author being interviewed on American radio, and was adopted by the Bereaved Parents’ Network.

After the Flood by Janet Killeen

‘After the Flood’, set in the Somerset Levels after the severe floods of 2014, twists together the stories of Theresa and her son Adam and the discovery of a historic crime: the violent death of a young woman and her child during the English Civil War. The discovery is transformative and leads to reflection on fanaticism and violence, forgiveness, healing and hope. Published, Mirador 2017.

Release the Raven by Janet Killeen

‘Release the Raven’, continues the story of Theresa and the significant relationships she makes and the way the past is inextricably woven into the present. It explores the life of the young man she met in the concluding chapter of the prequel and whether there can possibly be a road of reparation and restoration following acts of terror and destruction. Published by canndu on Amazon, kindle/pb, from 8th June 2020