Stories from the Heart by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

Stories from the Heart is a collection of exciting stories which depict lust, friendship, reflection, love, family, adventure, romance, the forbidden, regret, humour, freedom, procrastination and all other aspect of life. These  stories give you a thrill and a new perspective of looking at life.  Readers will be entertained, enlightened and will marvel at each story.

Life in Art and Practice by Mari Howard

A collection of 8 mysterious stories for fireside reading, written at the end of the 20th century, rediscovered in lockdown, featuring ambition, deception, despair, longing and dreaming… the magical in the ordinary, confronting reality and human relationships sideways, with the question What if?’ And written from a Christian world viewpoint, though not featuring Christian characters.

Making Our World Better by Fiona Linday

Collection of poems and flash fiction reflecting life during lockdown. New writing by learners at Attenborough Arts Centre and service users at Leicester Arts in Mental Health, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and students from Leicester’s Centre for New Writing. Project led by Fiona Linday.

The Long and the Short of It by Annmarie Miles

A collection of stories put together with a range of readers in mind. From the humorous to the heartfelt and the genuinely touching, there is something for everyone. Ranging from 100 words to 3.5 thousand, The Long & The Short of it is a book of stories you will always have time for.

A Sense of the Sea and Other Stories by Annmarie Miles

This second collection incorporates the humour found in Annmarie’s first book, The Long & The Short of It, but explores some deeper emotions and more complicated life situations. It will have you chuckling one moment, holding back tears the next and leave you glad you have it to dip into again and again.

The Forgotten by Celeste Majcher

Some stories are lived to be told.  Some stories are too important to be lost.  The characters in these tales are already forgotten. It would be a tragedy to forget their stories too.

Tripping The Flash Fantastic by Allison Symes

Allison Symes loves reading and writing quirky fiction. She discovered flash fiction thanks to a Cafélit challenge and has been hooked on the form ever since. In this follow-up to her From Light to Dark and Back Again, Allison will take you back in time, into some truly criminal minds, into fantasy worlds, and show you how motherhood looks from the viewpoint of a dragon. Enjoy the journey!

Count Our Blessings by Fiona Linday

An insightful collection of short stories and poems-some fact, some fiction but all powerful narratives of the world we live in. Exploring different cultures and different generations, and highlighting inequalities, justice and pain, Fiona nonetheless manages to steer us all in the direction of hope, purpose and life.  Isbn 978-1-78815-615-8. (Onwards and Upwards Publishers)
Launch date 1 April 2021.  Pre-order from Fiona’s website.



A second collection of prize-winning short stories.

Short stories to challenge your perception of childhood.



A third collection of prize-winning short stories.Rainbow Laughter is a collection of insightful and powerful short stories about ordinary people, growing and changing, searching for hope when all seems lost.


FAMILY MATTERS by Fiona Linday

Family Matters Project invited  learners from Attenborough Arts Centre to write their own stories and poems on the theme of family. This collection presents the work of 12 new writers alongside that of established guest authors


Expose by Peculiar Medinus

Unique adventures of single Christian women weaved into one. An authentic drill that would send readers into a rapturous thrill as they touch base with exceptional experiences, draw lessons from sour involvements and enjoy pulsating moments.

CLOUD PAINTINGS by Veronica Bright

A collection of prize-winning short stories. Douglas sees the world from a wheelchair, and he hates it.  A celebration of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity.