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Write Well: A Christian Writer’s Handbook

Write Well:  A Christian Writer’s Handbook was published by Instant Apostle on 9 October 2021 as part of the ACW’s Golden Jubilee. It is the new, indispensable guide to all manner of topics relating to Christian writing, with fascinating glimpses into the 50-year history of ACW. It brings together writers to share their experiences and stories and to offer writing advice. Think of it as a Christian writer’s conference in book form!

The handbook comprises fifty essays, one for each year of ACW.

    • 10 are on the history and foundation of ACW.
    • 20 are from writers across all genres providing a ‘toolkit’. These are essays on subjects as diverse as how to approach a publisher, how to begin writing poetry, how to avoid the common distractions from writing, how to make a living as a writer…all from experts who are doing it themselves.
    • 20 are from the membership of ACW, telling stories of their own journeys in writing, sharing valuable experience of small beginnings, big successes and encouragement found in the company of other writers.

Write Well is also now available through all good bookshops – do support your local Christian bookshop wherever possible. If you prefer to shop online, consider and  

You may now order your copy of Write Well direct from ACW.  Please email Annmarie Miles at