Congratulations to all Winners

Of Previous ACW Competitons

(March 2023)

First Place Joan Johnson
‘The Knife that Got Left Behind’

Second PlaceCatherine Owen
‘Two Eggs and an Apple’

Third Place: Robert Dawson
‘Sweet Pea, Biscuit, the Mad Man, and Our Uncle’

Many congratulations to Joan, Catherine and Robert!  And a big thank you to all other writers who entered this competition.

ACW members will have the opportunity  to read The Knife that Got Left Behind in the summer 2023 edition of Christian Writer.  We don’t publish the entries of second and third-placed winners because they may want to submit their pieces elsewhere.  (If we had published them, they would have published status and thereby be barred from most markets.)

Results of the Judging of ‘50’ Poetry Competition

The judges appreciated the wide range of entries and decided:

  • First prize: Amy Robinson with ‘The Women After Easter’ who wins a £25 book token
  • Second prize: Pamela Ferguson’s ‘Fifty Words at a Window’
  • Third prize: Jocelyn-Anne Harvey with ‘Redemption’.

The second and third prize winners each receive a £10 book token.

Many, many thanks to our judges, Gary Studley and John Wakeman.

Design a Logo Competition

We now have a winner – Lucy Hannah Mills.  Our congratulations to Lucy and thanks to all other applicants.  Some of us are artists as well as writers!  Thanks also to Richard Lyall, our ‘craftycurate’ and judge in this competition.  Richard, who is trained as a professional graphic designer, has taken Lucy’s original design and manipulated it into a format which can be used in print publications and on the web.

What you see on the right will be the logo for all ACW publicity for our Worth Our Weight in Gold 50th Jubilee.