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ACW members may have their blogs and author websites posted on the Members’ Blogs and Members’ Websites pages of our ACW website.  If you would like your blog or website to be displayed here, please send to

Ann Shakespeare

A dynamic, engaging website with books, articles and videos to inspire faith in Christ. All based on Scripture, they encourage us to embrace our identity as new creations in Him, and to live in the beautiful flow of the Holy Spirit. All for the glory of God the Father!

Amber Gilbert

Amber writes to encourage, inspire and empower others to reach their full potential in life. She shares real life stuff about her faith, being married, being a parent and more recently becoming the parent of a baby with a congenital heart defect.

KATE Nicholas

Kate is a Christian author, blogger, broadcaster and preacher and on her website you can find out more about her books, TV show, online courses and her blog Faith, Life and Cancer.

Bisi Oladipupo

Bisi Oladipupo is the author of a number of books.

Find out more about Bisi and her writing journey at her authors website.

Richard Frost

Richard is the author of four books including a debut novella. He has also written about how our Christian faith relates to different aspects of life including change, learning from people who met Jesus and daily reflections on the Rule of St Benedict. A new novella will be published in November 2023.

Writes, Wrongs & Songs

Natasha Woodcraft

A work in progress, just like I am. I enjoy praising Jesus artistically in a number of ways and information about my writing and songwriting can be found here, including samples of my work.  Includes my blog.

The Quest for the Presence of God

Bob Hext

A mix of teaching, reflection and prophetic writing to encourage and inspire readers to draw closer to Jesus. 

The Sound of Musings

Deeds of Darkness; Deeds of Light

Donna Fletcher Crow

Poetry and Other Writing

Caroline Gill

Caroline’s website charts her poetry and writing activities, largely undertaken from her Suffolk home. It includes details of her first full collection of poems, Driftwood by Starlight (The Seventh Quarry Press, 2021). There is a link to Caroline’s ‘Poetry and Other Writing’ blog, which is updated more frequently than the website.

Alex Willis

After taking early retirement from being a parish vicar, Bryony has developed a ‘blog’ that is becoming her  first book, which will be published by Instant Apostle on 19 May.
Alongside the book,  she is developing Sound of Musings Live! as an outreach event to support churches in their mission and ministry. 

Alex Willis, writer of secular stories with instilled Christian values.

Sheelagh Aston

Sheelagh is a writer and vicar who lives in the North West of England. She seeks to bring stories of ordinary people dealing with contemporary issues of faith and life to the widest audience


Easy to navigate, colourful and provides interesting information about me, my books and my writing career.


Someone once told Brendan that he could NEVER be an author and he believed it. God though had other plans and broke through the barriers of disbelief. God gave Brendan the skills and tools that he needed to write and clearly told him to step out and do it in faith. Brendan says the real author is God and he is just the conduit.


Ruth Leigh Writes

fay rowland

Lectionary resources for active worship.

Joanna Watson

Author and speaker.

Jude Simpson

Poet. Wordsmith. Writer. Performer.  My website tells you about me, lists upcoming events and links to videos and other aspects of my creative work.

Ride the Wings of the Morning

Sophie Neville

Joy Margetts

Author of Christian Historical Fiction

Insights and background into what inspires Joy’s writing, including the historical context, and her own personal story. Her blog is a inspired by the things she sees and experiences, but most importantly by her faith.



Sheila Johnson


I’m Sheila, a published author and journalist. This is my website which incorporates some of the things that are important to me in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, where I live.





Musings on life and faith, often wondering aloud about the incongruous or silly. Occasional short stories.

Lucy Hannah

Learning the Art of Beginning Again


Abby Ball




Robert K. Atkin

Speculative Sci-Fi Fiction

Veronica Bright

Short Stories and Children’s Fiction

Hilary Hawkes

Children’s Fiction

Lucy Rycroft

Parenting and Family Life

Janet Wilson

Mel Menzies

An Author’s Look at Life

Katherine Blessan

Writer, Teacher, Author

Allison Symes

Collected Works

Annmarie Miles

An Irish Writer in Wales