ACW Jubilee

Worth Our Weight in Gold

The Association of Christian Writers – originally called the Fellowship of Christian Writers – is fifty years old.   We have been celebrating all year, starting with our Nuggets of Gold event at Mary Sumner House in London, where we launched our writers’ compendium, Write Well, and through to our Jubilee weekend at The Hayes, in Derbyshire which took place between 3-5 June, the weekend of the other (the Queen’s Platinum) Jubilee.  Did you realise we had to postpone the weekend event twice because of the pandemic?  But, we did it!  We believe we Christian writers and writers who happen to be Christians are Worth Our Weight in Gold.

Were you there?  We had a wonderful time.  Our speakers were: Paul Kerensa (writer and comedian); Anne Booth (writer for children and adults); Tony Collins (publisher, editor and literary agent); Adrian and Bridget Plass (authors, and our ACW President and First Lady) and Jonathan Bryan (writer).  Also available were one-to-one sessions with our speakers, lots of time to mingle and network, buy ACW members’ books from our stall and browse our ACW exhibition.  On Saturday night was our party celebration, where we toasted our Association – and Her Majesty too, of course.

If you were there, here are some photos to refresh your memories of our amazing weekend.

Podcast Interview with Tony Collins, literary agent and one of the many speakers at the Worth Our Weight in Gold Weekend.

Podcast Interview with Paul Kerensa, writer and comedian  one of the many speakers at the Worth Our Weight in Gold Weekend.